HTC may not seem to be in any big rush to announce the One M10, electing not to bring its latest flagship along to MWC last week, but we recently started seeing signs that the company is finally getting ready to make the phone official. One such hint arrived a week ago as HTC dropped what sure looked like its first real One M10 teaser, giving us a taste of the handset’s design while telling us to get read for the “power of 10.” Now that same tagline is back in a fresh HTC teaser, as the company takes to video to promote the One M10.

You’d think that a video spot would open up the opportunity to share even more hints about what to expect from the smartphone, but there’s precious little actual content here. HTC tells us that its employees have been working late nights as they obsess over to make good phones even better, but as for anything about features or design changes to look forward to from the One M10, we’re coming up short.

Considering the very basic production that went into making this clip, as well as the lack of any real content, we might be tempted into calling it fake – if it weren’t published on a seemingly legitimate (though not YouTube-verified) YouTube page for HTC’s Turkish arm.

We guess HTC’s just not feeling like getting very specific about its plans for the One M10 quite yet. Maybe that will change as we get closer to the actual launch, but as far as teasers go, this one seriously leaves us wanting.

Source: HTC Turkey (YouTube)
Via: phoneArena

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