HTC One M10 name practically confirmed, f/1.9 rear camera also hinted at

HTC was pretty much caught between a rock and a hard place when mapping out its H1 2016 product introductions, ultimately deciding to put off the One M10 coming-out party until after a crowded MWC where Samsung and LG captured the spotlight.

Now it of course remains to be seen if the Taiwanese OEM’s high-end “Perfume” will be strong and distinctive enough to catch up to the Galaxy S7 and G5, both of which are bound to go global before it.

Only one of multiple HTC priorities, the M10 promises a “very, very compelling camera experience”, design straying far from the One A9 and M9, and for some reason, internal storage options starting at a passé 16GB.

A state-of-the-art Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor is obviously expected to run the hardware show, paired with 4GB RAM, while shutterbugs have an average-sounding 12MP rear-facing camera to look forward to.

HTC One M10 name

The Galaxy S7 appears to teach us a high megapixel count doesn’t a great shooter make, though the HTC One M10 may not have the widest possible aperture going for it either. A leaked sample shot suggests low-light performance will be improved from the M9 and A9, but not by very much, and an f/1.9 system is technically inferior to the GS7’s f/1.7.

Meanwhile, conclusive evidence on HTC’s own website lends even more credence to the One M10 moniker, so it looks like the company might refuse to negate the phone’s dubious ancestry after all. Good, family-respecting call? We’ll see about that, as the One M8 and M9 never sold particularly well.

Source: TechTastic

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