HTC tipped to discard One M moniker: enter the HTC 10 [UPDATE: W10M?]

We’ve come a long way from calling HTC’s next-gen flagship O2 to a much more logical and recognizable One M10, with the weird-sounding Perfume filed under, well, weird codenames, but as it turns out, the Taiwanese device manufacturer might ultimately be looking to pull a Sony.

After saying goodbye to the perennially troubled Xperia Z family, trustworthy tech insider Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, claims we’ll have to bid adieu to the HTC One M lineup too before long. Possibly, the One roster as a whole, though the A9 may still get a sequel in the fall.

As far as One M9’s follow-up is concerned however, the most plausible market name right now is 10. Yup, just plain old HTC 10, bringing back memories of simpler times, when the One M7 was purely known as the HTC One.

Since then, the financially struggling OEM has greatly diluted the once respected One brand, but leaping straight to 10 feels like a bit of a strategic mistake, as it raises attention to the numerous high-end and not-so-high-end One derivations released in recent years. Not to mention it could spark unrealistic hopes for Windows 10 Mobile enthusiasts, no doubt running Android 6.0 Marshmallow out the box.

At the end of the day, if the HTC 10 brings palpable innovation to the table at a reasonable price, it can be branded the HTC 666 for all we care. Unfortunately, that’s the problem. The phone’s design doesn’t look special in any way, and its features might fall short of Galaxy S7 or LG G5’s capabilities.

Update: Now the latest set of leaked pics offers some screenshot confirmation of the HTC 10 name.

Update 2: No hopes for Windows 10 Mobile enthusiasts:

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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