HTC One M10 now tipped for April 11 debut in London, different branding

With just a little over a week until the actual start of the 2016 Mobile World Congress, and no official word on an HTC appearance at the Barcelona trade show, we’re fairly certain the financially struggling company’s next-gen flagship is looking at a launch down the line.

Sometime in March, insiders claimed a while back, or perhaps as late as April, if we rely on intel exclusively uncovered by a little known Portuguese website called 4gnews. Specifically, April 11, with the rumored London announcement venue feeling both familiar and credible for the handful of remaining HTC fans.

It goes without saying the One M10, aka Perfume, is doomed if it’s indeed set to see daylight almost a couple of months after the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5, which already have the buzz advantage, not to mention far less disappointing predecessors and superior marketing resources.

Worse yet, the M9 sequel is expected to take a number of visual cues from the iPhone-cloning One A9, including no Boomsound speakers, which is probably not what you had in mind all these years when you were desperately calling for a major redesign.

Back to our Portuguese source whose reliability we can’t verify for the time being, this also alleges the HTC One M10 won’t ultimately be dubbed, well, One M10. And no, it’ll definitely not be branded Perfume either. Then what? One-something, claims, so maybe HTC wants people to associate its future high-ender with the upper mid-range A9. Anyone willing to bet the One A10 is around the corner?

Source: 4gnews (translated)
Via: PhoneArena

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