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HTC One HDR vs Normal Video

By Anton D. Nagy March 24, 2013, 1:44 am

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is nothing new; we’ve been using this camera setting for quite some time on our Android phones (and not only). In tricky lighting conditions, like when your subject is backlit, snapping an HDR shot makes all the difference between keeping the photo and throwing it to the trash.

However, HDR video is something we need to get used to having, since only a few phones have capabilities to shoot them, the HTC One being one of those. HDR setting in video is maybe even more welcome than in case of pictures, when you might have the option to force your flash in order to light up your subject against the backlight.

Just how well does the HTC One shoot HDR Video and how does it compare to normal video? Check out the sample below in a side-by-side arrangement for your viewing pleasure. Both the normal and the HDR footage have been captured using the HTC One.

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