For years now, consumers have been begging for more stock Android devices. Google, Samsung, and HTC finally delivered with Google Play editions of the Galaxy S 4 and HTC One.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re ecstatic to finally see official stock Android phones. But we learned something from Google Play edition phones. Unlike the Nexus 4, which was intended for pure, stock Android, The Galaxy S 4 was built around the TouchWiz experience and the HTC One was built around Sense. This means in order for the Galaxy S 4 to run stock Android, some of its defining features are missing. Likewise, the HTC One is missing some optimization.

Still, we love stock Android, and Google Play edition on the HTC One is a sure shot way to get the vanilla Google experience on some of the best hardware the mobile space has ever seen. Watch to learn why you should turn your HTC One into a Google Play edition.

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