Late last spring, months after HTC had launched the One M8, we saw the arrival of a close cousin, the plastic-bodied, Duo-Camera-less One E8. While it packed much of the same guts as its flagship relative, the changes HTC made allowed the company to sell the E8 for a couple hundred dollars less than the M8. Now that the One M9 is here, will we see a corresponding One E9 edition? That’s looking confirmed, as an “HTC E9pw” shows up on China’s version of the FCC.

The weird thing is that this year the E9 looks to be less a plastic M9 than a new phone in and of itself. Rumors had already suggested that the E9 would be a 5.5-incher, and that assessment is supported by the official dimensions listed here. We also see that at 156.5mm x 76.5mm x 7.54mm, the handset is markedly larger than the One M9, while also coming in quite a bit thinner.

If we’re taking the rest of those rumors to heart (and since the size information appears correct, there’s reason to believe the rest might be, too), the E9 could run a MediaTek SoC and upgrade to a quad HD display – though those details are neither confirmed nor refuted by this TENAA info.

So the One E9 is very real, and will indeed be larger than the One M9. But beyond that, we’re still going to need additional confirmation before we know just what to expect from this handset.

Source: TENAA
Via: Engadget

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