As we might have said a few times before, we really appreciate the unibody aluminum of the HTC One M8, and the unique look and feel it gives the device. But variety is the spice of smartphones, as they say … and in its quest to broaden its device offerings (and possibly also to remind everyone that it’s no one-trick pony), HTC now offers another choice in its high-end Android space.

Meet the One E8, a Snapdragon 801-powered Android smartphone made of polycarbonate and toting almost exactly the same specs as the One M8, along with a few added features for the global market. We’ll have a full video review up shortly but for now, take a look at the HTC One E8 vs M8 embed below, where we call out the differences between these flagships. There aren’t many, but those disparities that do exist are big ones … and some might surprise you.

Want more info on the HTC One E8? Tune in to the Pocketnow Weekly podcast today at 2pm Eastern, where we’ll have our review unit in hand for the whole broadcast. We’ll be taking your questions live on the air, so be sure to join in!

HTC One E8 vs M8

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