HTC One E8 gallery: “Electric Crimson” in photos

Compared to its One M8 sibling, the HTC One E8 trades an UltraPixel camera for a more conventional 13MP shooter, single-subscriber support for a globetrotter-friendly dual-SIM configuration, and –most visibly– it ditches the aluminum chassis for a polycarbonate unibody that changes the whole look and feel of the device.

The other changes are important and will be addressed in our One M8 vs One E8 comparison and our full HTC One E8 review, but admit it: you’re as vain as the rest of us, and you want to know just how good the E8 looks in the hand. HTC offered several flavors of review unit including matte black and white options, but we opted instead for the more exotic gloss of the “Electric Crimson” finish. It’s slick, it’s sexy, and … well, as you can see in the direct-sunlight shot below, it’s … sticky. Sometimes.

We’ll let our other observations wait for forthcoming coverage. For now, enjoy the gallery below – and if you missed our first impressions video, it’s included at the end of this piece!


HTC One E8 Gallery

HTC One E8 first impressions

Interested in the wallpapers used in this photo shoot? Those are original pics by Captain2Phones himself, available here and here. And if you want to ask us more questions about the HTC One E8, be sure to tune in to the Pocketnow Weekly podcast this Friday at 2pm Eastern, where we’ll be answering your E8 questions live on the air!

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