HTC One Color Options Compared: How I Chose My Favorite

Without giving away too much from our upcoming HTC One review I can tell you this much: the phone doesn’t only look extremely good but it also feels exceptionally well in the hand due to the build quality and materials of choice. The aluminum on the HTC one comes in two color flavors: white and black. Which one should you go for? That’s up to you to decide after watching the video comparison below. Today I’ll tell you which One is my favorite.

I’m a classic guy so chances are you won’t be seeing me running around with fancy colors like yellow, blue, green, and alike (though I’ll tell you this much, I’d probably use a pink phone). At one point I even said that whenever we’ll stop having white and black color options I will find myself in a very difficult situation.

Luckily, HTC decided to go with my favorite flavors. If you’re a fan of fancy colors noted above, you’ll have to settle for either the black or white HTC One, or wait for a competitor to offer more options.

If you ever handled an aluminum phone you know the sensorial reward it offers. Both the black and the white versions of the One are cool to the touch at first and get warmer the longer you use them. The white is really silver — the natural color of aluminum — while the black is anodized for displaying the darkest shade, without turning to dark blue — like the iPhone 5 — or another darker shade.

After using both options simultaneously over the past couple of days I can tell you that I’m torn between the two. But, of course, I will have to choose. Each color has its own pros and cons and, at the end of the day, it comes down to a combination of personal preference and the color which has the less cons.

Let’s start with the white one: it is immaculate. It does a great job, like all light colored versions of phones, at concealing fingerprints. It also stands out from the rest of the black phones on any table. The problem is that the sides, top and bottom, are contoured by a white plastic, between the front and the back.

This white plastic can get dirty over time and since we don’t wipe our phones clean every day, that could be a problem. The headphone jack also collects particles of dust which are most of the times darker than white, so expect to see discoloration, or just plain and simply a dusty, grayish look over time.

The black HTC One is gorgeous! The plastic inserts are all dark so you don’t have to worry about dust and discoloration over time. However, you will have to worry about fingerprints. It’s not attracting them better than the white flavor but it does a lousier job at concealing them.

Regardless of how clean your hands are, after using the phone for ten minutes, even after cleaning it up thoroughly before, you will see smudges and prints on the back. That, by itself, isn’t necessarily a huge problem as all dark phones behave the same way. What I have found interesting during the time spent with the black HTC One is that it’s rather difficult to get rid of the prints.

You have to use a wet cloth (either water or a solution containing just a tad of alcohol) in order to get it cleaned up, and it will stay that way until you first start using it.

Then there’s the always-present question, thanks mainly to the iPhone 5: will it chip and lose color? The black is anodized and with any anodization process — or any process involving the addition of pigments to color material — there’s a chance of displaying the original material underneath while chipped (except some OEMs, like Nokia, who include and combine the pigment deep in the plastic material).

If you are like me and you take good care of your phones then you shouldn’t worry at all about the black variant. Use it like you normally would, just don’t toss it, throw it around, abuse it, and you should be just fine!

Both color options have their pros and cons. Throw in your preference for (usually) the other color and you’re in a difficult situation! Check out the video below to see how they both look. We’ve tried to give you as many angles and close-ups as possible so that you can hopefully make up your mind.

How about my personal preference? I’m usually the black sheep in the herd which in this case means that I will probably be the only one with a white phone among those in my entourage who go with dark colors. I’m lucky that my personal preference and the phone color with the less cons happen to be one and the same!

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