About this time last year, we shot a video called How To Take Great Photos with the Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s very much an artifact of yesteryear, with a fifty-second intro, hazy interlacing, and one the worst haircuts in my personal history, but people seemed to enjoy it. So much so that when the Galaxy S III’s successor dropped just a few weeks back, we followed up our full review with a similar tutorial on its 13-MP camera titled Galaxy S 4 Camera: Everything You Need To Know. The comments on the latter video convinced us that, even though we’re now quite a few weeks past its review period, we might as well whip up a tutorial for the HTC One camera as well.

That’s what we’ve got here: eleven minutes of drilling down into every photo feature on HTC’s 2013 Android flagship, leaving no menu option untapped. We shy away from video settings, leaving those explorations for future features, and leaving discussion of the Gallery and HTC’s new sharing features to a previous video. In this one, we illustrate everything from the basics of camera-swapping and shooting modes to advanced tweaks like ISO and white balance adjustment, detouring at points to show off fun tricks like filters and smile-detection. And we share a few examples of how much Night and HDR modes can help make a solid still shot.

If you’re an HTC One owner (or want to be one) and you’re interested in knowing the “UltraPixel” camera software inside and out, dive on in to our video below – and make sure to leave a comment with some of your best practices in smartphone photography!

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