HTC ‘Aero’ most likely labeled One A9, Full HD screen still in the cards

After bleeding money for several fiscal quarters in a row, and failing to turn the One M9 into the worthy Samsung Galaxy S6 competitor the world counted on, HTC reportedly decided to turn the page.

The faltering Taiwanese tech giant is more focused than ever on the high-end mobile landscape, with a second flagship for the year en route to stores in October, and a drastically redesigned new “hero” on deck next spring.

Unfortunately, the Aero, A9 or One A9 that HTC plans to unveil later this fall looks a tad too similar to the Apple iPhone 6. According to a particular serial leaker who’s proven his worth and dependability countless times in the recent past, the One M9 follow-up should go official as One A9, which makes sense but perhaps sends the wrong message.

Even if the two are deeply connected, and the A9 won’t stray far from M9’s design and hardware path, HTC needs to be viewed as a company willing to change its old ways. Hence, it’s maybe time to drop the “One” moniker and also bump up the 9 suffix.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to suggest the Aero is cut from a different cloth if M9’s underwhelming Full HD display resolution is retained. That’s what a separate source on Twitter seems to allude to, although given Sony will likely jump from 1,080p straight to 4K, perhaps @Ricciolo1 is disappointed HTC only eyes a Quad HD upgrade. We’ll keep an ear to the ground, as always, and let you know when the air clears up.

Source: Twitter (@evleaks, @Ricciolo1)
Via: Phone Arena

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