What is this HTC One 2 phone listed in New Caledonia?

HTC’s upcoming One follow-up, codenamed the M8, is subject to a lot of speculation regarding its future possible name. We’ve heard mentions of HTC One+, HTC Two, and even HTC One Two or HTC One 2. The phone should be announced during the first quarter of the year, as the HTC One from 2013 turns one-year-old this month.

A localized page of the Postal and Telecommunications Offices for New Caledonia (a French special collectivity in the Pacific Ocean, near Australia) has a section dedicated to verifying smartphone compatibility for the region, in terms of operating frequency. The drop down list features major OEMs, and, under HTC, one can select, as seen above, an HTC One 2. Just one spot lower there’s an HTC One 2 Dual Sim. But just what exactly is this HTC One 2? Are we looking at a placeholder for the M8, and, if yes, will it be called HTC One 2? Or is it just an error?

A dual SIM version of the HTC One was first spotted in April last year, and it finally made its way to the UK at the end of November, so it’s definitely not something unseen or unheard of. Of course, nothing’s certain until HTC officially unveils its phone, but what do you think this listing means?

HTC One 2

Source: OPT.nc
Via: MobileGeeks.de

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