HTC Ocean with Sense Touch is probably too neat a concept to ever materialize

Just when you may have thought HTC permanently lost touch with the mobile hardware industry’s leaders in terms of innovation and, well, effort, the Taiwanese device manufacturer returned to the spotlight in a big way.

Granted, Google will probably try to hide the name of the Pixel and Pixel XL’s makers, as it slowly gets more aggressive about own-brand marketing. But we’ll all know who’s behind the love-or-hate “Sailfish” and “Marlin” designs.

Meanwhile, the Bolt looks more and more intriguing as it approaches its (hopefully not Sprint-exclusive) launch, and the Desire 10 Pro and Lifestyle aren’t half bad… for a pair of fashionable mid-rangers.

Last but certainly not least, there’s the HTC Ocean. According to one of the company’s longtime visual and motion designers, Danelle Vermeulen, “this is just a conceptual piece and does not represent any real product from HTC.”

Well, yeah, it doesn’t represent any current real product, but might it be something HTC plans to put into practice down the line, say, for a 2017 flagship model or even this fall’s Pixel duo? That’s a bit of a stretch, although Vermeulen did password-protect the below concept video shortly after Android enthusiasts started raving about it.

All we can do right now is enjoy the visionary tricks the HTC Ocean and Sense Touch (whatever that is) could eventually bring to the table, including intuitive tap and swipe controls, a contextual UI, and seemingly no physical buttons whatsoever.

Source: Twitter

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