HTC Ocean pictured front and back with characteristic “U” gloss

It seems that “liquid surface” may get all of the time its due as a new picture from leaks reporter Evan Blass shows how a dark HTC U, known to us as the operative code “Ocean,” will likely appear to consumers.

While we wouldn’t want to predispose our perceptions of dimension on a composite picture, the apparent proportions of the device keep to more conventional modern company release like the HTC 10.

What’s visible on the front profile is a screen with a fair amount of bezel space, what looks to be a hybrid fingerprint sensor/home button, an earpiece, other ports for perhaps a microphone and a proprietary sensor (maybe something else), and a selfie camera. Rearward, there’s a solitary circle for the camera, room for two skin-tone LEDs and the HTC logo. All over the device is a gloss best described as fit for nails and indoor suntan beds. We found that gloss on the U Ultra and U Play earlier this year.

What we don’t have an idea of are the sides of the device. They’re supposed to be touch-capacitive to enable a special pressure-based UI that is rumored to be named “Edge Sense“.

We continue to believe that “HTC U” will be the main branding for the phone and that it is to be unveiled this month, though we haven’t received word of an event just yet. Minding that we’re halfway through April, the patience is draining from many observers’ eyes.

A spate of specs and other speculation can be found here.

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