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The “Nexus” brand, and products from this Google line-up, have come a long way, become consumer devices from initial developer gadgets. Past and current iterations have become more and more popular, being made by LG and Huawei, but rumor has it that we’ll be seeing one or two HTC Nexus devices this year.

Codenames have been discovered in Chromium code (Marlin and Sailfish), and word on the street is that the Taiwanese company’s collaboration with Google will not be limited to only 2016 HTC Nexus devices. A three-year deal has been allegedly inked, but we’re still waiting for some sort of confirmation on the topic.

As far as the 2016 HTC Nexus is concerned (one of them, if there will be two), the upcoming Snapdragon 821 is allegedly going to be at its core (and not the 823). The phone is expected to be some sort of variation or modification of the HTC 10 flagship from this year. We first heard of the Snapdragon 821 from a leak, and it was related to the ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe; the slide didn’t reveal much, except a faster speed for two cores (jump from 2.15GHz on the 820 to 2.3GHz on the 821). Aside from that we can expect other optimizations and improved battery life, but nothing’s certain at the moment.

Google is expected to announce the HTC Nexus for this year around September or October, but prepare to read more rumors as we’re getting close.

Source: India Today

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