HTC Nexus devices now believed to be Pixel, Pixel XL

The Nexus brand seems to be in a moribund state as of right now. There’s been word that we won’t get to know the devices of HTC’s craft running Google’s vision of Android as “Nexuses.”

Now comes word from one reliable source to Android Police and another separate source that the device codenamed “Sailfish,” with a 5-inch screen, will be marketed as the “Pixel”. The 5.5-inch “Marlin” device will be the Pixel XL.

Google has slapped the “Pixel” brand on premium, larger devices of its own design or even own build, such as Chromebooks and an Android tablet. A particularly iffy development in this news is that Google will promote the Pixel and Pixel XL “as the first phones built by Google,” even though we are confident that HTC made the devices.

HTC submitted draft user manual documents for two devices to the FCC two weeks ago that explicitly directed users to Google’s Nexus support website. Those documents have since been removed from the commission’s public directories.

The unofficially released “Nexus Launcher” that may end up representing the stock launcher interface of both devices may be officially released under a different name.

So, now what? What’s next for “Nexus”? Why “Pixel”? What will those words mean to Google and to us soon? We let the comments pour in.

Source: Android Police

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