HTC 10-like renders sparked Reddit discussion on HTC Nexus design

There’s an interesting thread on the /r/Android subreddit that has people talking about what a new HTC Nexus phone might actually look like. If you like the HTC 10 now and wouldn’t mind seeing it again, this mock-up — based entirely on that phone — should suit your bill perfectly.

Edits to the front panel include a near-zero bezel between the edge and a humongous screen while an extra speaker replaces the capacitive keys and fingerprint sensor mounted at bottom. The sensor is reformed into a circle and replaced below the camera sensor at back, just like how the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P have their print pads. Other than the moved HTC branding and additional Nexus mark, it seems that plenty still remains the same.

Top responses have been averse to the concept for one reason or another. The prime among them is that Google has been enforcing its design guidelines more heavily on Nexus projects and it has its own prowess to show for it in the Pixel C it self-made. Others wanted something a little more unique than just a reheated design. But many other comments down the line have been very receptive to the pictures.

So, what about you?

Source: Reddit

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