HTC Nexus codenames leak: will we meet Marlin and Sailfish later this year?

We got 2016 started with some rumors that weren’t talking about new flagship phones a couple months away, or summer’s hot new models, but instead some high-profile handsets probably landing until closer to fall: Google’s next Nexus phones. Coming off a year of two such models, from two different manufacturers, the rumor suggested that Google would come back with another pair of handsets, but this time from one OEM: HTC. In the months since we haven’t heard any better theories about Google’s 2016 Nexus lineup, and this HTC idea has only picked up steam. Today a new rumor adds its own support to the theory, describing a pair of in-development HTC Android N devices.

Evan Blass claims that HTC’s making the hardware “for Google,” and his inclusion of a #nexus hashtag sure implies that we’re looking at this fall’s new models. While he doesn’t guess at possible launch names, he does offer the model numbers by which the pair are being referred to internally: M1 and S1.

A separate report attempts to expand on that identification, claiming that the full codenames for the M1 and S1 are Marlin and Sailfish, respectively. There’s at least some limited public evidence for Marlin’s existence, popping up in an AOSP comment last month, but the case for Sailfish is just slightly weaker; while the name has supposedly been mentioned alongside Marlin, this source isn’t comfortable sharing just where that information came from.

Even if we’re not 100% on those two codenames, the story of a pair of HTC-made Nexus devices is one that’s sounding more and more believable as the months go on. Maybe they’ll both be phones – maybe a phone and a tablet – but we’re feeling better about our chances of actually getting to meet them later this year.

Source Evan Blass (Twitter), Android Police

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