Evidence emerges of HTC Nexus, along with codenames “Flounder” and “Molly”

Yesterday, we learned of the possibility of the next Nexus’s codename to be “Flounder,” through a Chrome bug report. We were enlightened that this was likely an upcoming Nexus device, and that it was running a test build of Android.

Today, through an Android 4.4.3 changelist, we’re learning that this “Flounder” device could perhaps be manufactured by HTC. Also, we have learned of the possible existence of another device from Google, “Molly,” perhaps a Nexus 5 successor.

Though it is not yet certain by any means, we are thinking that “Flounder” could be a Nexus 7 successor, perhaps the elusive Nexus 8. It is still very possible that this could be a followup to the Nexus 5, however. In the changelist, we see “project device/htc/flounder/,” which tells us that we will most likely be seeing an HTC Nexus pop up anytime soon now.

As far as Google’s “Molly” goes, we know nothing of it other than the fact that it was mentioned in the document. It is pure assumption at this point, but perhaps we could be dealing with a Nexus 5 refresh.

We have yet to see any images or specs leak of these upcoming devices from Google, but at least the rumor mill has started churning. Here’s hoping that we will be seeing these new devices soon.

Source: Android 4.4.3 (KitKat MR2) changelist
Via: xda-developers

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