HTC Mondrian Appears in Alleged AT&T Windows Phone 7 Ad

Another pair of purported commercials for Windows Phone 7 have appeared, and not only are they more entertaining/informational than the last teaser we saw, one of the ads seems to confirm that AT&T will be carrying the HTC Mondrian. So, is Mondrian a codename or actual retail branding? We’re still thinking codename, as it would be unusual for HTC to release a handset named after an early 20th century Dutch painter (even one whose geometric pieces clearly inspired the Windows Phone 7 homescreen). The second question, then, is whether or not Mondrian represents one of the retail devices we’ve already seen, namely the HD7 and HTC 7 Trophy; we suspect that the answer is no, despite the fact that this entire crop of WP7 launch devices look very similar about the face.

One thing we do learn from the set of commercials is that Microsoft seems to be stressing the simplicity of this platform: while other phones struggle to find information, Windows Phone 7 users will do less searching and more living. Even if “living” means destroying the handsets of beloved friends and family members who seem to stare at their devices more than they look at us.

(via: Engadget and WMPoweruser)

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