Last week, we heard about some issues with WiFi connectivity that some owners of HTC’s One X had been running into. Unlike many of the connectivity problems we hear about from time to time, where there’s some annoying software bug at the heart of the issue, this time the evidence seemed to point to a hardware failure. Users whose phones were suffering the effects of this problem had noticed that putting a little pressure in the right spot of the phone’s case seemed to restore a strong WiFi signal, pointing to a loose connection between the WiFi antenna and the phone’s circuitry. At the time, an HTC rep was following the issue on the XDA-Developers forums, and asking for more info from users, but we hadn’t yet learned of any official response. Well, apparently HTC got the feedback it needed and has identified the problem, and it’s now taking steps to correct it.

A statement from the company’s European division explains, “we have taken immediate steps to implement a solution in our production process to prevent this issue from happening in the future.”

That’s good news for future One X owners, and current owners affected by the problem should be able to get their phones replaced with one of these re-engineered models under warranty. HTC claims that this issue isn’t particularly widespread, so unless you’re noticing really poor WiFi signal strength, it may be fine to just keep your old One X. Then again, who knows if the failure could occur further down the line, so it would be nice to hear HTC address that specific scenario. We’d also love to know if this is just a problem with the international version, or if owners of the One X in the States (with what’s really the One XL) should also be worried.

Source: Android Central

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