HTC has a ‘good plan’ for a powerful mobile VR headset, plus 4 or 5 new phones coming this year

Chia-Lin Chang, HTC’s President of Global Sales and Chief Financial Officer, as well as the head of the Smartphone and Connected Devices Business, basically took the time during and immediately after his company’s latest disappointing quarterly report to emphasize HTC is still alive and kicking.

He obviously didn’t phrase it that way, but following another recent string of key executive departures, the latest in a long line of underwhelming flagship phone launches, and especially more money problems over the holidays, it’s important to know HTC will continue to try. Both in the VR and handset arenas, with a mobile Vive sequel of sorts and 4 or 5 new smartphones still coming this year.

Before you even think it, let Chang assure you the high-end, PC-reliant Vive will not be followed by a simple “phone slapped onto a headset” arrangement. HTC apparently has a “good plan in terms of combining mobility with VR”, although we’re not told exactly what it entails just yet.

A safe bet would probably be a standalone, all-in-one solution of some kind, with its own optics and internals, similar to what Google and Samsung also have in the works for a while now.

As far as phones are concerned, HTC’s intention is “to do basically 6 to 7 maximum” throughout 2017, including the already unveiled U Ultra and U Play, with a general focus on profitability rather than volumes, and the aim to “get out of the entry level part”, which is way too competitive and not lucrative enough.

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