HTC Merge Manual: All Bing and No Droid?

We’ve seen pictures of the HTC Merge before for Verizon Wireless as the carrier’s variant of the T-Mobile G2, and now the leaked user manual may shed a little bit more light on this Android phone. According to the user manual, the HTC Merge will be a world phone for global travelers, meaning that it would support Verizon Wireless’s CDMA/EV-DO network in the States while transitioning users to a GSM card for worldwide roaming on GSM/HSPA. The other thing that the HTC Merge shows is a lot of Bing integration, much like the carrier’s variant of the Galaxy S called the Samsung Fascinate, and because of the Bing integration, many are dismissing this phone from the carrier’s high-end Droid lineup, which so far has remained faithful to Google services rather than use other company’s.

(via: Droid-Life)

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