The M1 crawls from the edge of London all the way up through the Midlands up to Aberford in West Yorkshire where it meets up with the A1. We say it crawls because the M1, also a codename for a rumored HTC-made Google Nexus device this year, seems to be crawling and holding itself back.

The device, also known as “Marlin,” now appears in a Geekbench log running Android N — because duh — and a quad-core Qulacomm processor, clocked at the ever-so-common 1.59GHz. It manages some meaty scores similar to this year’s other Android flagships on a Snapdragon 820.

The motherboard entry would give us a hint of what the processor would be, but unfortunately, it only says “marlin”. Tough luck. The big assumption going around is that this chipset is going to be the next generation of the Snapdragon 820, whatever Qualcomm names it. At least we know we’ve got 4GB of RAM.

Benchmark reads vary wildly at any given point, so we can’t really take too much of a read into this, but at least we should expect something competent coming down the pipe. We wish we could give you something more, though.

Source: Geekbench
Via: PhoneArena

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