Rumors about an Amazon smartphone go back years, and even with the pace picking up in recent months, updates have been few and far between. Earlier this year, some of those rumors looked to the idea of a heavily subsidized, if not free handset, claims Amazon was quick to refute. We also heard about plans for a pair of phones, one a more typical handset, and one possibly featuring an unusual pseudo-3D UI and supporting in-air gesture interactions. Today we’re looking into just how this hardware might come to market, with suggestions that HTC might partner with Amazon for this effort.

Reportedly, the two companies have been developing three separate models as potential devices for release, and one of those may be quite far along in the development process. We don’t know if this is that 3D phone, or something more typical, but the sources indicate that what we’re getting wouldn’t arrive until sometime next year – assuming things even get that far. That timetable fits with official statements from Amazon, though rumors had been optimistic that maybe at least one Amazon phone might see the light of day in 2013.

Unsurprisingly, neither Amazon nor HTC are directly addressing these rumors, though HTC is clear that it’s open to something along these lines, talking about openness towards “co-branding and collaborating with carriers and other technology brands.”

Source: Financial Times
Via: BGR

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