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HTC “M8x” name appears in government database

By Stephen Schenck January 21, 2014, 7:14 pm

When it comes to the HTC M8, we’ve got plenty of questions. When will HTC launch the phone? What can we ultimately expect from the hardware? And maybe one of the simplest – and one that’s eluded us thus far: what will the phone end up being called? This time last year, we were still calling the HTC One by its own codename, M7, and it wasn’t until early February – less than two weeks before HTC’s launch event, when the HTC One name hit our radar. As we wait to learn just how the M8 will arrive, a new twist is being thrown on top of this puzzle, with the name M8x showing up in an Indonesian database.

This comes from the Indonesian Postel site, which publishes information on device certifications, similar to the FCC in the States. There we see the HTC M8x pop up just about one week ago. It’s joined by the HTC D310w, but that appears to be a lower-end model unrelated to the flagship.

But what of this M8x business? We’re doubtful that’s an actual launch name, but it could foretell something else entirely: a second M8 model? Maybe the change would be something as innocuous as different band support, but if we’re really playing with the possibilities here, this could be anything from a mini version of the M8, to maybe a cheaper plastic-bodied version, to something else entirely.

For now, it’s a bit of a mystery. We haven’t seen anything really pointing to multiple M8 editions, but now here’s this M8x name, in a very official setting. But is it a new phone? Heck, maybe the “x” is just padding because the database didn’t like two-character names. We’ll be paying attention to see if anything else comes of this over the next several weeks.

Source: Postel
Via: phoneArena

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