HTC One M8 Prime’s “coolest feature” may be the unusual material it’s made of

With last year’s One, HTC really made a point to place design, material choice, and build quality at the forefront of its smartphone offerings; say what you will about how wise a choice UltraPixel may have been, but it’s hard to argue that the One (or any of its successors) is anything other than a phone that looks and feels great. Where does HTC go from here, though? Is there any way to bump things up a notch and make a premium-feeling smartphone even more desirable? That’s what we’re wondering about this morning, as a series of new HTC M8 Prime rumors discuss the manufacturer’s hardware choices, including the use of exotic materials.

Perhaps in response to a derisive tweet by HTC’s Jeff Gordon, warning about recent incorrect news from “a well-known leaker,” @evleaks went on the offensive this morning, delivering a stream of posts about the M8 Prime. He talks about it being a waterproof handset comparable to Samsung or Sony’s recent efforts, and mentions specs like a Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3GB of RAM, that 5.5-inch quad HD screen we’ve been expecting, and an HTC first: a Cat 6 LTE radio for extra high-speed data.

But the most exciting bit may be this talk of unusual materials. Now, we’re a little unsure about what we’re looking at here, as @evleaks initially describes it as “a composite of aluminum and liquid silicone” before retweeting an explanatory link about an aluminum and silicon carbide metal matrix composite.

That’s odd, as silicone is a rubbery polymer, whereas silicon carbine is an abrasive mineral; chemically, they’re apples and oranges (or apples and polymerized organo-apple compounds), and we worry that somewhere along the line here, silicon and silicone got confused. But while the details behind this material may elude us, the intention seems clear enough, of giving the M8 Prime a body of quality high enough to reflect the top-tier components within.

Source: @evleaks 1,2,3,4,5, @flapic (Twitter)

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