2014 flagships from our favorite Android OEMs are just around the corner. Some devices we’ve had really close looks at already, like Sony’s Sirius. Others have more questions hanging over them, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S 5, but at least invitations to press events have provided us with a good sense of when to expect answers. But then there’s the HTC M8, which still has more than a few mysteries left to reveal, and had also been going without any hard news of a launch event. Last week, we heard that invites would be headed out in about two weeks, and had been waiting patiently for more news. Today a save-the-date arrives (with one week to spare), as HTC reveals an intercontinental event for Tuesday, March 25.

Earlier rumors seemed split over the idea of a New York or London event, and with good reason: HTC is doing both. The simultaneous events will kick off at 11am over here, or 4pm in the UK.

Unlike that Samsung announcement, throwing the number “5” around, here HTC doesn’t seem to be giving us any particular hint about the subject matter at hand; clearly, we’re expecting news of the M8, however HTC ends up naming the device, but we’ll just have to proceed on faith for now.

With Samsung expected to reveal the Galaxy S 5 next Monday, will HTC suffer from Samsung’s one month head start? Retail availability of both models could be key, and we still don’t have those dates for either yet.

Source: HTC

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