Front-facing cameras on smartphones have lived relatively undignified lives. When we even give them a second thought, all we seem to care about is that they’re present at all, and as such they’ve sort of languished while other phone components continued to mature. Even looking at flagships like the GS4 or HTC One, we’re only dealing with two-megapixel cameras. But outside the narrow playing field of brands like Samsung, HTC, and LG, other OEMs have been giving front-facers some more “oomph,” and not only have many started releasing phones with five-megapixel front-facers, but we’ve even heard about the odd model with an eight-megapixel sensor. Now a new rumor suggest that this sort of high-res front camera could begin infiltrating some new brands, and we just might see such a thing on the HTC M8.

So far we’ve been more invested in finding out what was going on with the M8’s rear cameras, to the extent that the front-facer’s gone a bit overlooked. However, it may end up be worth paying attention to, with the arrival of a claim that instead of a 2.1-megapixel sensor, HTC may be going with a five-megapixel shooter.

Considering how those dual cameras are bound to find the M8 a lot of attention concerning its imaging capabilities, it might make a lot of sense for HTC to really take that reputation and run with it, similarly giving the phone’s front camera a notable feature of its own.

This also has us wondering about just what resolution HTC’s going for with those dual rear cameras. The word “Ultrapixel” has been thrown around a lot in describing those, and that could well mean another four-megapixel sensor like on the One or One Max. But in the light of this new rumor, it sounds preposterous for a front-facer to be higher-res than a rear camera, so we may need to rethink that.

Source: LlabTooFeR (Twitter)
Via: Android and Me

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