Remember that leaked image of the alleged HTC M8, showing two back cameras and dual LED, about which an HTC exec implied it was PhotoShopped? Or was it about the other set of images we’ve seen? Either way, it looks like the idea won’t die, probably fueled by all the rumors and leaked cases, or probably because there’s definitely fire somewhere, as we’re seeing lot of smoke.

Another photo has been recently leaked, as seen above, and it seems to support the theory that the next One phone will have dual cameras (and also to support the previous leak). One thing to note here is that, opposed to the previous leak, the flashes on this particular phone’s back are different. They pretty much resemble those on the iPhone 5s, that uses different color temperatures for combining a light as realistic as possible. Whether that’s the case or not is yet unknown.

Before anyone else cries “PhotoShop” on Twitter, there are two more pictures that seem to support the theory and leaks about HTC ditching the capacitive buttons beneath the screen. We can clearly see Sense featuring them on the screen.


Source: NoWhereElse
Via: AndroidSpin

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