Three weeks back, we checked out a weird-looking leak of what was supposed to be an upcoming HTC Android, the M8 Ace. It had the general layout of the One M8 but seemed to be constructed of an odd, almost fabric-like woven material – of maybe that was just a case. Regardless, we didn’t get to see very much of the hardware, and were left to speculate as to what the device might be. Would it be something like a Mini or a Max? Perhaps a budget device that wasn’t a Desire model? It’s that latter idea we’re kicking back around today, with a new rumor attempting to suss out what HTC is up to with the M8 Ace’s hardware.

Engadget cites a “reliable source” as indicating that the M8 Ace will be a high-end device that swaps the One M8’s metal body for a plastic unibody one, and comes in much cheaper in the process. That’s a rumor we heard separately a couple weeks ago, but without mention of the M8 Ace name at the time.

Specifically, we’re told that the M8 Ace will run a Snapdragon 801 just like the One M8, and feature a five-inch 1080p display.

But even if all this is true, we still wonder if the M8 Ace would be more affordable than the Galaxy S5 to the extent it would need to steal away significant sales. The figure we’ve heard mentioned so far – an off-contract price just a little south of $500 – just doesn’t feel like big enough savings to make much of a dent. Then again, this is all far from confirmed, so maybe the M8 Ace really could really be priced low enough to be seriously competitive; something closer to $400 would be a lot harder to ignore.

Source: Engadget

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