We’ve seen previous images of the “plastic” HTC 2014 flagship, and the phone depicted in those doesn’t seem to resemble the device in today’s leaked set of stills. You’ll have to stay skeptical about these images, as neither they, nor the source, can be verified. That being said, the polycarbonate HTC M8 Ace seems to follow previous rumors and leaks, so we might be looking at something credible.

Four color options are suggested (white, black, blue, and red); the phone is almost identical to the One (M8) flagship, sans the Duo Camera feature on the back. And, while talking about the camera, the four megapixel sensor will allegedly be replaced by a 13MP sensor. Other rumored specs include a Full HD five-inch screen, and a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz, pretty much like its higher-end, aluminum sibling.

That aside, we’ll leave you with the leaked images, and ask you whether a polycarbonate, hopefully cheaper, version of the One (M8) would be something appealing to you?

HTC M8 Ace with branding HTC M8 Ace blue HTC M8 Ace

Source: Twitter
Via: GSMArena

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