We’re hoping that in just a little over two weeks, at HTC’s February 19 press event, we’ll finally get to see the M7 publicly announced (although after Peter Chou chanting the phone’s name at a recent company event, the M7 is already pretty much official). Until that happens, there are still plenty of new M7 rumors and leaks pouring in, and we’ve got quite a few to share with you today.

First up, the M7 has been spotted in the retail computer systems at Carphone Warehouse, not only serving as further confirmation of the phone’s name (as if that was in doubt), but giving us a little more insight into the phone’s color options; apparently, the “white” M7 we’ve been talking about is instead supposed to be the phone’s silver option.

Next, we’re hearing that the M7’s camera could feature some interesting tech. The full technical details of this so-called Ultrapixel sensor aren’t completely clear form the reports we’ve seen, but this could use a stacked design, letting multiple color samples be taken from each pixel, rather than traditional sensors which take these disparate samples from closely adjoining regions before recombining them in software. The net effect may be that the camera only takes four-megapixel pictures, but some with exemplary color accuracy.

Finally, a rumor suggests that all the major US carriers are interested in the M7, Verizon may end up launching the handsets after all the others. We don’t know just how long of a wait we’re talking about, but one theory suggests that Verizon might be taking this route to help prolong interest in HTC’s earlier 1080p model, the Droid DNA.

Source: Pocket-lint 1,2, HTC Source
Via: The Droid Guy

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