New HTC M7 Leaked Render Claims To Be The Real Deal

Update 2: As we received more information about the matter we wanted to share that with you alongside some clarifications we just received from Bartosz of Czujnym Okiem.

First of all, the render above is not an official HTC render, meaning it doesn’t originate from the phone maker; however, certain people who claim to have access to an HTC M7 photo — the front, to be more specific — can confirm that the device render above corresponds to the photo of the M7 they have access to.

We’re also being told that while the front of the device looks legit, the back is not. Those who rendered the phone used the Windows Phone 8X as a starting point, lacking information regarding the looks of the real M7’s back, hence the back is just a mock-up; nothing to see there. We took the liberty of getting rid of the back of the phone but you can see it, as originally rendered, in the image below, coming from the same source.

However, as far as the front of the device is concerned, we were informed that it is spot-on, matching the one these good folks have seen. Furthermore, the information first appeared on Polish website Czujnym Okiem that ran the render from Twitter.

We also asked specifically about the buttons, their placement and order. It looks like, according to the same sources above, that HTC will indeed change the order of the buttons, with Home being on the far right.


Update: We’ve been tipped with the image above and our tipster (thanks, SA) is convinced that this is indeed the real deal. While the date on Sense is January 15 (maybe the date the render was made, exported, designed, etc.) the location, Barcelona, seems spot-on for an MWC unveiling.


Conflicting information is nothing unusual when it comes to rumors and leaks and HTC’s upcoming M7 that we hope to see one month from now in Barcelona at the MWC is in the center of attention. We’ve seen some alleged HTC Sense 5 leaks together with a purported sighting of the phone and more recently a render was claimed to depict the upcoming phone.

We won’t blame you if you can’t find any resemblance between the past and today’s leak. The image above is claimed to be the real deal with two HTCSource “sources” allegedly confirming that it’s spot on. For what it’s worth it appears to be closer to the real-life image than the previous render we’ve seen.

There are quite a few common features with the Windows Phone 8X by HTC so if this turns out to be real those who like the Microsoft-powered phone’s design will have one more reason to consider the M7. As far as specs are concerned, nothing is certain, but the M7 is expected to pack a “smaller”, 4.7-inch 1080p screen with Android Jelly Bean on-board and HTC’s Sense 5.0. Other details about SoC, memory and storage are pure speculation at this time so we’ll have to wait until Barcelona (or earlier) for those.

Let us know: do you think the M7 will look more like the render we’ve seen previously or will it be in-line with today’s leak?

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