Could HTC’s One series of Androids, started last year with the One X, One S, and One V, still have some life left in it? If phones like the Butterfly and Droid DNA had you thinking that the company might have started moving on to some other naming strategy, and all the rumors of the M7 only seemed to cement that feeling, a new rumor out today might just get you to think differently, making the claim that the M7 will launch as none other than the HTC One.

This info comes to us from tipster evleaks, who has been pretty accurate with his reporting. Now granted, his earlier leaked image of M7, with those really prominent grilles at the top and bottom, hasn’t matched up with subsequent leaks, but we have to wonder if as times goes on, and we get closer to the M7’s expected launch, he might be able to get his hands on increasingly reliable info.

Honestly, the proposed name seems kind of great. The M7 is supposed to be HTC’s big flagship, and calling it the HTC One really drives home the idea that this is the one phone you want to have. We’re just eleven days away from HTC’s press event where we hope to see the M7 confirmed, so it won’t be long now before if we know whether or not it really stands to arrive as the HTC One.

Source: evleaks (Twitter)

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