HTC’s been making big progress with Android Lollipop updates for the One M8 lately: this week we saw the release hit phones in Europe and Canada. And while that was great to see, that still represents just one portion of the M8’s user base. Back on November 3, shortly after Android Lollipop went official, HTC assigned itself an ultimatum: it committed to delivering Lollipop updates to both the One M8 and 2013’s One M7 within a 90-day span of time. For those of you keeping track, that means a February 1 deadline. Only problem is, that’s just days away and HTC is behind schedule. This evening the company posts an update on its progress, explaining why things are taking longer than it wanted.

VP Mo Versi explains the situation on the company’s site, blaming the delays on HTC having to deal with unanticipated bugs in Google’s initial Android 5.0 code. Lest you think some last-minute updates are coming down over the weekend, Versi spells it out: “despite everyone’s best efforts some carrier versions of the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) will not meet our 90 day goal.”

At least the One M8 has seen updates land for its unlocked model, dev edition and on any number of non-US carriers; we can’t say the same for the One M7, and while HTC’s own update-tracking tool puts One M8 carrier updates in the integration phase of readiness, the One M7 hasn’t even gotten that far, still stuck in development.

While we’re optimistic that the One M8 carrier edition updates will be here in just another couple weeks, we fear it could be much longer before the One M7 sees its own Lollipop updates, which have yet to see any official HTC release at all – unlocked, dev, carrier editions: nothing. Pretty much the only solid progress there has been for the phone’s Google Play edition.

Still, we appreciate HTC updating us at all on the matter, even if its a message we wish we didn’t have to hear.

Source: HTC
Via: Android Central

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