The only thing better than getting timely updates for your Android smartphone is also having a manufacturer that’s very open about its own progress towards those updates; sure, we could just keep ourselves in the dark and learn about the updates once they’re ready, but we’re the sort of users who crave information, and we want to know about testing, ETAs, and all the steps on the road to release. HTC’s been doing a great job about sharing its Lollipop update plans for the Google Play edition One M7 and One M8 this past week or so – well, it’s doing fine so far as the sharing goes, but making good on those promises is proving to be another issue entirely. After failing to hit its goal of making those updates available early this week, we heard from the company that we should instead expect a release for Friday – that’s today. And once again the updates are nowhere to be found.

An apologetic Mo Versi returns to Twitter to share the bad news with HTC users, blaming the new delay on a request from Google that HTC “re-spin” the updates for these models. There’s no new estimate for just when that might be done (and the updates ready to go live), but that may simply be a matter of HTC wanting to avoid sharing any more specifics that could come up wrong – better to just leave things a little vague at this point.

For what it’s worth, it certainly sounds like HTC expects to put an end to this saga as soon as possible, and Versi tweets both about the company’s intention to get the updates out in a hurry, as well as to share further news once Google approves those re-spun software packages.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)
Via: Android Central

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