HTC Inspire 4G for AT&T: First Press Shot

Well, look what we have here: the first press shot of AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G, revealed late last night in a Rolling Stone ad alongside Verizon’s upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. Not much more to say than what we brought you earlier: this looks like a pretty standard WVGA Android slate from HTC, although of course that 4G branding is intriguing. Is this an LTE handset, or simply the same HSPA+ “4G” being touted by GSM-rival T-Mobile these last few months?

It looked like HTC briefly posted some support documents for this device, so perhaps a release is imminent — of course, appearing in a national magazine would also seem to suggest the same.

Update: Thanks, Tony, for pointing out that this is indeed a spitting image of the Desire HD. In fact, we may have seen this pass through the FCC just last week (not packing any LTE radios that we know of, either). Inspire 4G, Desire HD, it all makes sense now.

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