HTC Incredible HD Is LTE-Capable, Arrives Verizon Next March?

Verizon may be releasing the HTC Incredible HD as an LTE-capable device on its nascent post-3G network early next year, possibly in March, according to a credible tipster on Twitter. User black_man_x, who seems to be a Verizon employee from the early access he gets to many pre-release devices, casually tweeted the other day that he “just saw something so incredible that it was almost HD… and LiTE as a feather.” It’s fairly clear from the language that he is referencing the rumored followup to the Droid Incredible, supposedly the same kickstand-equipped device pictured some months ago in BGR. We’d recently heard that this model would be be coming on the 23rd with regular old 3G data, but these recent leaks are now suggesting a Q1 2011 release and a “4G,” LTE radio onboard.

Additionally, black_man_x writes that we “haven’t seen red zone till u see it in HD,” perhaps bolstering a previous rumor which said that the Incredible HD would have a resolution exceeding the standard 480 x 800 WVGA. While it certainly seems that Android and Windows Phone 7 need to increase their maximum supported resolutions in order to compete with Apple’s Retina Display, we’re under the impression that the former OS will not see 720 x 1280 capability — supposedly for devices with four-inch or larger screens — until the release of Gingerbread (certainly a likely OS version to power this possibly flagship device), so a 2010 landing seems fairly unlikely even without this new information. For those of you keeping count, this now makes two rumored LTE smartphones for Big Red, along with that attractive-looking LG number.

Source: Twitter (1),(2),(3)

Via: electronista

Image: BGR

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