Last December many users of the T-Mobile HD7 were annoyed because there was only one keyboard support on the device and that was English. Turns out that after the latest updates, the device still only supports the aforementioned language according to reports.

Back then, HTC said: “If your Windows Phone 7 does not contain a display language that you would like to use, there is currently no way to get a new language pack installed on the phone. Microsoft makes language packs available (as they’re created) to the device manufacturers (OEMs) at the time of manufacturing and it is up to the device manufacturer and mobile operator to decide which languages to include. In this case, it was T-Mobile’s decision to only include English“.

Whether it was a T-Mobile decision or an HTC omission is yet unknown but WPCentral reports HTC assured people reaching out that “by February this should not be an issue“. Clearly the manufacturer was referring to the NoDo update but it looks like after the platform refresh, in March, there’s still no multi-lingual support. Call it omission or a planned move, it definitely didn’t impact on sales as it’s obviously in the same state it was four months ago.

If there will be a need to implement multi-lingual support, we’re quite positive T-Mobile will push HTC to the limits to get it and even out an OEM firmware update but until then, if you insist on using other languages, you might need to consider other Windows Phones.

Source: WPCentral

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