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HTC HD7 Gets Android via Cooked Chinese ROM (Video)

By GabePeters April 6, 2011, 3:33 pm

Today we catch word from XDA.cn that several developers have been hard at work porting Android to HTC’s HD7, a Windows Phone 7 smartphone who’s hardware closely resembles the HTC HD2. It has been hoped that the HD7 would see similar development, with the HD2 originally debuting with Windows Mobile and now capable of running nearly every mobile OS available.

User “Pepsi” provides us with a video demonstrating the HTC HD7 performing several functions in Android (the build looks to be Froyo). The Chinese-language ROM is demonstrated from initial device bootup through the HTC Sense homescreen, and further navigates through a few menus. It looks like cellular data is probably not yet functional, and audio/video playback such as the camera or a video was not demonstrated. The ROM performs quite smoothly however, and looks to be well on the way to completion.

Further info can be found at the XDA.cn link below (be sure to bring your translator along with you.) A release date has not yet been announced but with this level of smoothness an initial release can’t be too far off.

Source: XDA.cn Forum

Via: XDA.cn

Thanks: Chisom

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