HTC HD2 Running Windows Phone 7? (Video)

We’ve heard about this being rumored for such a long time and definitely we’ve crossed our fingers for this to happen together with lots of HTC HD2 owners. Last month we’ve shown you a bold project where Windows Phone 7 allegedly booted successfully on an HTC HD2 and today comes with a new tease!

What we seem to have here is a full port of Windows Phone 7 on the HTC HD2 which seems to be functioning well judging by the video you’ll find below. The handset looks to be booting from a powered off mode, going through the bootloader (note the red text info on the top left), Windows Phone 7 splash screen and straight to Start. The HD2 responds to the hardware keys as it is put is stand-by and waken up again to display the lock screen. Pictures Hub looks functional as well as multi-touch pinch to zoom and the Games Hub is also teased.

We know, judging by official comments and statements, that there will be no Windows Phone 7 for legacy Windows Mobile devices and that, if it will come – and we’re getting closer and closer each day – it will be from the underground development community. Check out the video below and leave us your thoughts based on what you see!






Thanks: hd2owner

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