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HTC HD2 Receives Official ROM Upgrade

By Anton D. Nagy October 11, 2010, 12:55 pm

HTC has been busy today with their Windows Phone 7 device line-up launch but seems to not forget about good old Windows Mobile 6.5 users owning HTC HD2 handsets as they have just released an official ROM upgrade for the HTC Leo.

As we’ve got used to by now, we’re offered the same template when it comes to description: “An updated ROM is now available for HTC HD2 users to download. As always, HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience”. There are some changes mentioned though as this version includes all previously released patched and fixes, faster searching and locating of Contacts and, the interesting stuff, “enhanced handling for CPU processing that will quicken the background processes allowing for an overall improved experience”. While this update is not intended for US (T-Mobile) HD2 devices, European Leos will have their version numbers boosted to major 3.14 with minor 2 for Norway, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden and generic English.

As far as installation goes, make sure your battery is at least at 50%, download the update from HTC’s Suport website, connect your device to the PC and let is sync after which you can run the update. For a detailed How-to, refer to HTC’s Support page.

Note: Make sure you have a full backup handy as upgrading your ROM will erase all of the Device data!

(Via: HTC. Thanks for the tip, cromio!)

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