It’s alive: HTC Halfbeak Android Wear watch resurfaces in pre-release prototype form

Like a Phoenix rising from its own proverbial ashes, HTC could be making what was deemed an improbable comeback not long ago, thanks primarily to a Google collaboration that literally fell into the Taiwanese OEM’s lap.

As the Pixel and Pixel XL breathe new life into a previously lethargic smartphone lineup, the slowly recovering tech giant might want to also circle back to long-troubled projects and products such as the oft-delayed “Halfbeak” smartwatch.

Its first ever live pics may have just leaked out online, starring a relatively robust-looking circular timepiece with an old version of Android Wear software onboard, and perhaps surprisingly, a non-removable silicon strap.

By no means a fashionable rival for either Apple Watch generation or the Huawei Watch, this would primarily target health, sports and general outdoors enthusiasts, with prominent Under Armour co-branding.

The involvement of the American sports clothing and accessories designer in the production process is no big surprise, since HTC’s previous (and first) wearable fitness effort, the UA Band, was the result of a similar partnership, fitting into the larger UA HealthBox “ecosystem.”

Still, the HTC Halfbeak watch, if it ever comes to fruition, should be aimed closer to a mainstream audience, heart rate monitor, three physical buttons, smartphone notifications and the whole shebang included.

Source: TechTastic

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