HTC ‘Halfbeak’ Android Wear smartwatch coming soon, rumor has it

While certain Google partners reportedly gear up for their fourth crack at a widely accepted and beloved Android Wear timepiece, and others settle for two generations of a very compelling wrist-worn device, one particular tier 1 gadget manufacturer remains leery of tackling the fledgling, uncertain niche.

We mean, of course, HTC, which you may recall was on the roster of future Android smartwatch producers right off the bat. Following a lot of back and forth in the rumor mill last year regarding a so-called “Petra” gizmo, the financially troubled Taiwanese outfit chose to focus on high-end smartphones, deemed its safest bet for a prospective comeback.

It remains to be seen if this fall’s One A9 or next spring’s O2 handhelds will indeed put HTC’s business back on track, but sometime between the two launches, the company’s long overdue Android Wear debut could also take place.

The information is far from confirmed, yet its source is rock-solid, so the “Halfbeak” should probably materialize before long. The aquatic codename upholds the product’s allegiance to the Android Wear tribe, while the only vague and predictable specifications known at the moment include a circular display, and customary 360 x 360 pixels resolution.

It’s possible the Halfbeak watch will see daylight alongside the A9 phone on September 29 in Japan, unless perhaps HTC wants to save it for a formal announcement even closer to the holidays. Let’s just hope this won’t suffer the same fate as the Grip fitness tracker, unveiled back at MWC in early March, and shelved a few months later.

Source: Phandroid

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