The HTC Grip is probably DOA, but an ‘ecosystem’ of wearables should launch next year

Leaps of faith are often required to get a jump on the competition in untested waters and newly surfaced tech industry segments, but sometimes, if you haven’t taken your chance early enough, it’s wiser to wait for the market to mature or prove a passing fad before diving in.

Case in point, HTC, which joined forces not long ago with sports clothing, accessories and fitness software supplier Under Armour, the two’s partnership bearing fruit in the form of the oft-delayed Grip smart band.

Delayed or canceled altogether? That, our friends, is the million-dollar question, and the Taiwanese device manufacturer now shares an ambiguous answer clarifying one thing and one thing only: don’t ask Santa for an HTC Grip this Christmas.

Not even him can make the impossible possible, and vaporware available in stores. Yes, in all probability, the activity tracker first showcased at MWC 2015 will never see daylight, with “a fully integrated digital ecosystem of products” instead slated for a commercial debut “early next year.”

HTC and Under Armour’s “product offerings” (notice the plural) shall be “elevated by a Connected Fitness platform” that’s still in development, and likely held back a first-gen wearable which always looked good from a hardware standpoint. Without unique, smooth and reliable software capable of putting a dent in Fitbit or Jawbone’s early niche domination however, the Grip stood no chance.

Source: Phandroid

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