Android 5.1 heads to the Google Play edition HTC One M7 and M8

Continuing on from the news of the HTC One M8 on AT&T getting Lollipop yesterday, the HTC Android updates for the week aren’t quite finished. The next phones to be updated are the HTC One M7 and M8’s Google Play edition variants. These HTC Google Play edition Android 5.1 updates are now rolling out, according to HTC project manager Mo Versi.

The updates will bring the phones from Android 5.0.2 to Android 5.1. The updated build of Android doesn’t bring any changes in terms of features – you’ll be running a build of Lollipop nearly identical to the current one after you run the update on your device – although it does bring with it under-the-hood changes to combat various bugs that users had reported on previous builds. So while it isn’t mission critical that you update your phone as soon as possible, it’s probably in your best interests if you’re an owner of a Google Play edition One M7 or M8.

According to a tweet posted by Versi, the OTA will be heading out to applicable phones shortly. It’ll likely be a staggered rollout, so if your phone doesn’t immediately have the update available for download, it’ll likely become available after a short while.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)

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