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It was a bit confusing to read about reports talking about a certain eight-inch Google Nexus 8, to be allegedly manufactured by ASUS, and then to read the reports that claimed HTC to be an upcoming OEM for a Google Nexus slate. However, today’s reports are shedding just a tad more light on the events: the Nexus 8 is still, according to hear-say, going to be produced by ASUS.

HTC, however, will be the one behind the Samsung-made Nexus 10 successor, claim “industry sources”. Said sources also indicate that HTC has purportedly turned down Google’s offer back in 2012, to be the OEM behind the Nexus 7, which left Google looking for other manufacturers, ending up with ASUS. However, same sources are somewhat skeptical with regards to the success of said HTC-made Nexus 10: on one hand, HTC’s tablet efforts didn’t manage to generate any buzz whatsoever, and, on the other hand, “Samsung and Google have also failed to ramp up shipments of the original Google Nexus 10”.

Source: Digitimes

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