Even though both HTC and Google made it clear from the get-go that their recently strengthened alliance doesn’t equate to an outright acquisition, the fear among the Taiwanese OEM’s long-time fans remained. What if this is just the first step toward a smartphone market retirement for the makers of a genuine Android pioneer?

If yesterday’s announcement of a trendy, eye-catching and crazy powerful HTC U11+ wasn’t enough to prove the brand’s commitment to the ever-shifting mobile industry, the company’s President of the Smartphone & Connected Devices Business goes one step further today.

There’s little room left for interpretation in Chialin Chang’s confirmation of five or six phone releases next year. He’s obviously not counting any Google-made sequels to the Pixel 2, but only own-brand follow-ups to the 2017-unveiled U Play, U Ultra, One X10, U11, U11 Life and U11+.

At least one of the upcoming “five to six” will definitely feature a dual camera setup, marking another general trend pursued by HTC after the divisive headphone jack removal and partial adoption of a “full-screen” flagship design.

Interestingly enough, as some of you may remember, the EVO 3D actually paved the way for the likes of the LG V20 or iPhone 7 Plus back in 2011, followed by a slightly more popular One M8 in 2014.

But HTC couldn’t make dual cams appealing to the masses, halting development just as rivals started noticing the technology’s potential. Now a comeback is practically etched in stone, though HTC still needs to “figure out how to make this feature stand out.”

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